French Estate

Evocative of a romantic French estate this impressive garden is an artful composition of formal structure with a casual ambiance.  A view through the garden’s central crepe myrtal allee towards the grand urn reveals meticulously clipped boxwood parterres softened by bold-colored roses.  Below the urn a vibrant Victorian bedding-out display is meticulously created and groomed.  […]

Well-designed, harmoniously proportioned and mature garden bones frame a variety of garden rooms.  The sunny floriferous parterres transition to a sophisticated white garden composed of variegated boxwood, Annabelle Hydrangeas, and variegated Sweet Flag.  An enchanting woodland walk leads through large drifts of perennials, camellias, and winter interest specimens eventually reaching a large rain garden which […]


A compilation of some of the wonderful gardens we have managed over time.

Specimen Sculpture Garden

Garden follies and dwarf and unusual conifers comingle to showcase commissioned sculptures in this magical waterside garden.  Carefully crafted stone walls and walkways elegantly encircle the home and define garden rooms.  Flowers abound in this meticulously maintained collection.

An established evergreen palette of trees, shrubs and ground cover create a rich background for generous drifts of hydrangeas, climbing roses and gently manicured boxwood hedges.   Architecturally planted containers and a clipped herbal knot garden add distinction to this refined 10 acre garden.

Follie Garden

Sophisticated combinations of native and exotic plants and whimsical garden follies highlight this 1/3 acre horticultural paradise.  Originally designed in 2002, the garden’s development and care is based on sound ecological practices.  Integration of rain gardens, compost application, and IPM techniques are employed to encourage a healthy ecosystem comprised of bird, butterfly and beneficial insects.

Estate Gardening

Estate garden development and maintenance is our passion.  We want to work with you to restore, develop, or maintain your existing gardens.  From creative design solutions to skillful implementation, our team of artisans has built a solid reputation for providing upscale clientele with superior service.

Hire our team of professional horticulturists to keep your garden looking its best.  With more than 35 years of gardening experience, we use up-to-date and ecologically friendly horticultural practices to cultivate the garden of your dreams.  Our staff is courteous, carefully trained and supervised.