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Design and Installation


Our design process begins with a one hour interactive discussion with our garden designer. In this initial meeting we will evaluate your site’s potential, assess your needs and desires and begin the garden creation process.

We design gardens with a soul. We favor the use of natural stones and natural wood materials when creating the structural bones of the garden. When it comes to plants, we focus not only on flowers, but also on the textures, forms and seasonal dynamics they provide. We create four seasons of interest for your outdoor living space.

Our garden creations are generally low maintenance and do not require spraying, excessive fertilizing or shearing.


Once contracted to install your garden design, our team of carefully trained gardeners will be attentive to the idiosyncrasies of your site. From selecting and handling quality plant material and amending your soil, to planting and mulching, we give your new garden the best possible start.

Every project requires some on-site adjustments. Our designer is present throughout the installation process to be sure that the essence of your design is carried through exactly.

We offer personalized service for each of our customers. Upon completion of the garden installation you will be given maintenance information to ensure that your garden grows into the lush garden of your dreams.